Monday, March 10, 2008

Dawn Niles - Justice will be served!

Just a week ago, several of my friends contacted me in a flurry of emails, videophone calls and such - to let me know the latest news - Dawn Niles Case Solved!

The feeling I had was exactly the same as when I received news that her body was found back in March 22, 1981. She was last seen on March 17, 1981.

I remember the details in the entire week - starting with the day when we saw her enter her boyfriend's car to the day of the wake, seeing her body in the coffin as it slowly sinks to the borrowed grave site.

The feeling was numb, shock, disbelief while watching all my friends grieved.

Here are the links to the site to help you understand all the details of the articles. I noticed that two articles in different newspapers could not agree on WHO found her body in the forest preserves - Hikers or Fishermen. Of course the identity remained anonymous.

The above link is an actual article relating the story that updates the 27 years old case.,CST-EDT-edit10a.article

This one takes you to think: Actions DOES help get the case solved. If we sit back and do nothing, that's exactly what will happen; nothing.

Finally, this is the blog site that I appreciate her posting. Hopefully this will spark an interests in getting this case to move forward.

I hope that we the Deaf who all knew her gets to FILL the courtroom and see this case unfold! It was frustrating back then and I sure don't want any one of us to be just as frustrated today!

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